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How to register as an Exhibitor on the VIRTUAL Mall


The process is straight forward and, because you are setting up your own shop, very comprehensive. So please read and fully understand each section before continuing.

Some of the sections you can skip initially and come back to and fill in later.

Security is extremely important to us, and as such you will be required to enter a complex password. PLEASE make careful note of the “username”, “password” and “email address” you use to register with.

You will need these to login into your store and manage your products and orders.

If you forget or lose your login details and try to login more than twice with the incorrect credentials you WILL be locked out of the system for a period of 30 minutes. Please understand this is for YOUR security as much as it is ours and all the other exhibitors. Hacking a is REAL and constant threat. Should you require assistance to recover these details please contact us by clicking here: Please note some of these services may be chargeable.


Once registered as an Exhibitor you will be able to:


1. Upload and configure your VIRTUAL Stall with your own logo, banner, products & services. All images should be in png or jpg formats and logos should be 500px by 500px and 72dpi. Store banners should be 1650px wide by 350px high and 72dpi. Mobile banners should be 520px wide by 250px high and 72dpi. Product images should be of a similar size to your logo but can be larger if required.

2. Please remember this is YOUR business or organisation you are showcasing here.

3. The better it looks the more likely it is to get the attention of visitors and potential buyers.

4. Your brand and online reputation can be significantly enhanced by the way you represent yourself here.

5. Should you need any assistance in this process we have a number of resources and services to assist you. Please request support by clicking here: Please note some of these support services may be chargeable.




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