All the commonly asked questions answered here

All the frequently asked questions answered here.

Hopefully we can answer most of your questions below. Should there not be an answer to your question listed please feel free to Contact Us using the button above.

Is it really just a case of me registering and setting my store up?

Simple answer YES! We are looking to create an environment where business owners can have their own online store in our VIRTUAl Mall at minimal cost. No matter the size of YOUR business or the type of product or service you sell, YOU can have a store on the VIRTUAL Mall.africa!

What is this going to cost me?

Short answer smile just R850pm (for your 1st year) if you sign up before 31 Oct 2021 and create YOUR store on the VIRTUAL Mall. After the launch period the cost to join will be R1600pm. There is a small 5% admin charge per sale this covers all the costs of the payment gateway, the system and disbursing your sales revenue to you.

Who is responsibile for shipping & logistics?

You are! You supply YOUR products and services directly to your customers. So make sure any costs related to delivery are costed in or detailed in your product description.

Who is responsible for marketing and advertising?

Each store owner should market and advertise their store, products, services and specials as they would if they had their own dedicated website. VIRTUAL Mall.africa has a programme of promoting the Mall as a whole on various Social Media platforms. This should not be seen as a replacement for your own advertising/marketing activities. The more every store owner does, the more traffic the whole Mall will receive and all store owners can benefit from the activity and exposure.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Simply click the Contact Us button above and send us an email with you query.