Compound Interest.  If ever there was a modern parable to the alchemical, turning lead into gold
fairy-tale this is it – possibly as a result of following the first 3 steps of Optimum’s Legacy Plan – a great way of putting that money to work to earn more, is to invest it.  And the best time to start doing it is immediately.

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What is an investment?

It can be described as an asset with the goal of generating income for the future to create wealth and financial independence.

Investment does not have a one size fits all solution.  Optimum understands that people in vastly different phases of their lives experience multitudes of different emotions.  Also, coming from a wide array of diverse financial backgrounds means that people will think and act differently when wanting to invest their hard-earned currency.  It is therefore crucial to determine what each and every investor’s risk tolerance is, before committing to an investment plan.

How we do it at Optimum

Optimum is always looking for sound opportunities, and has a comprehensive range of investment products and services that can be matched with every individual’s wants and needs.  There is a vast array of investment portfolios to choose from, including the option to invest in our own Optimum BCI multi-managed unit trust solutions.

At Optimum we cannot promise top performance; our focus is on long term, consistent and risk-adjusted returns.

Our other products include: Tax free Savings plans; Endowments; Retirement Annuities; Preservation plans; Life and Living Annuities; and Voluntary Flexible Investments.


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