Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration

Select either the Self Service registration below,
or the assisted exhibitor registration.

Assisted Exhibitor Registration

Self Service Registration

  • 1

    Choose Your Package

    Either Mall Only or Mall plus Virtual Mall
  • 2

    Set up your store

    Create the images and icons people see to get to your store.
  • 3

    Set up your products

    Create a product by providing the most important details.
  • 4

    Become an Event Promoter

    You will be sent a link to join the promoter network.
    Click on the link to log into your Quicket account (or register an account if you don’t already have one).
    Once logged in, add your banking details for your payout, at the end of the event you will be paid
    for any tickets sold through your promoter link.


Set up your own presence at the virtual trade show