About VIRTUAL Mall.africa

·       VIRTUAL Mall is an online (virtual) replica of a traditional (physical) trade fair

·       VIRTUAL Mall is an online (virtual) marketing exhibition platform to promote business products & services to a broad market of consumers

·       VIRTUAL Mall includes:

o   Comprehensive Information Desk – www.virtualmall.africa

o   Exhibitors Directory

o   Exhibitor Booths (display stands with documents, videos, web page links, social media links, career opportunities, group chats, private chats & appointment scheduler)

o   Auditorium (for live speakers, Q&As, webinars; on-demand audio, video & slide presentations)

o   Networking Lounge (B2B chat, exchange opportunities & virtual business cards)

o   Marketing Resource Centre (self-select brochures, samples, freebies)

o   Goodie Bags

·       VIRTUAL Mall benefits include: 

1. Consumers get to experience the VIRTUAL Mall from the comfort of their own homes
2. Consumers gain instant access to any promotional collateral exhibitors provide – from print brochures, to videos, to live talks & webinars for later viewing
3. A broad mix of consumers attracted by the collective of all exhibitors invitations of their databases to visit the event
4. A wider audience of local, national, and global consumers who may have been restricted from attending by physical distance
5. Time-saving – no staff-time required for pre-event set-up, manning, and post-event break-down
6. Cost-effective – priced to encourage maximum ROI for exhibitors & visitors

·       VIRTUAL Mall is a classic story reminding us that – ‘in every crisis lies opportunity’. Recognising the devastating impact of the national lockdown on all businesses (in particular, the Expo/Exhibition industry & the Retail Mall sector, both vital marketing platforms for many businesses), business members at Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce – www.fourwayscommunitychamber.co.za – set about identifying member resources to develop an innovative stop-gap measure for all businesses to utilise ASAP

·       VIRTUAL Mall was developed within the first 21 days of SA’s national lockdown. The concept was deliberately designed to be simple, affordable & cost-effective for maximum participation of exhibitors & visitors. The developers view the concept as a continuing work-in-progress model to accommodate feedback, new ideas, innovations & improvements


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