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Providing a virtual space for YOU to showcase your products and services. With all the benefits of a traditional trade fair plus the benefits of a virtual presence.

How can YOU be a part of this VIRTUAL Mall?

It’s quite simple and straight forward.

  1. Click the button “Register as a Vendor”.
  2. Fill in your company details.
  3. Upload your banner , logo and products.
  4. Check out how YOUR new store looks.
  5. Tweak if necessary!

Congratulations! You are done.

Now tell everyone about YOUR new online store and start selling.

Oh just before YOU rush off!

Please tell YOUR friends, business associates, customers and suppliers to come and register too.

About VIRTUAL Mall

..take your business to your market, just as you did in the ‘physical’ world

FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce is a highly pro-active enabler of business in one of the fastest-growing business nodes in Africa and is pleased to launch the innovative Virtual Mall platform in conjunction with our VIRTUAL Trade Fair as another important component in the marketing mix of your business.

Everything that you like to do to promote your business in the ‘physical’ world can be replicated on the Virtual Mall platform, and more:

  •  A comprehensive Information Desk
  • An Exhibitors Directory
  • Exhibitor Booths (with documents, videos, web page links, social media links, career opportunities, group chats, private chats & appointment scheduler)
  • An Auditorium (live and pre-recorded presentations)
  • On-demand audio, video and slide presentations
  • A Networking Lounge
  • Ability to share your business card
  • A Resource Centre where you can choose the collateral you wish to store

Panel Interviews & Presentations

Get your message across with dynamic live and prerecorded presentations and discussions forums

Classes & Workshops

Run your own technical and informational workshops and classes

Live Product Demos

How does that work!? Well pop into one of our live product demo sessions and find out.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Quality and Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom our speakers will have topics that will enthrall, entertain and enlighten you.

Watch any of our speakers from previous events

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